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Garage Door Threshold Seal

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Discover the Ultimate
Garage Door Threshold Seal

The Weather Defender garage door threshold seal keeps your garage clean and tidy throughout the year by forming a weather-proof garage door seal. Quick and easy to install yourself with instant results!

Stops rainwater, draughts and leaves
 Available in pre-cut lengths as kits
 Easy to fit with instant results
 Forms a weatherproof garage door seal
 Keeps your garage dry and clean
 Bright yellow safety strip across for visibility
Fits various sizes of door-to-floor gap
 Ridges on the top, reduce the risk of slipping
Marine grade, flexible, eco-friendly PVC

Weather Defender threshold seal with sectional garage door
Weather Defender original dimensions
Weather Defender XL dimensions

The Most Versatile
Garage Door Threshold Seal

Weather Defender – Garage Door Threshold Seal is designed to protect your garage from leaves, dust, debris, rodents and rain by creating a seal between the garage door and floor.

Produced from a high quality, flexible and eco-friendly marine grade PVC that can withstand driving over by cars, trucks or commercial vehicles, equipped with inflatable or solid rubber tyres.

The NEW bigger Weather Defender XL can be used in industrial environments with heavier traffic and is perfect to fit wider industrial door profiles. Unlike any other garage door threshold seal on the market, ours won’t perish or deflate over time!

Unique & Innovative Design

The yellow safety strip ensures the door seal is highly visible for people and vehicles moving in and out of the garage.

The easy tear-off strip can be torn away when fitting the garage door seal to a roller shutter door, to create a straight edge.

Anti slip ridges prevent humans as well as vehicles slipping when crossing over the threshold seal.

Serrated grooved base has been designed to create an ideal surface to provide excellent adhesion for the sealant and floor.

What Customers Say About Our Garage Door Threshold

Based on 136 reviews
H. L. Bradshaw II
June 20, 2024.
Works great when a slight grade is needed to stop water intrusion. Very good adhesive. Easy to install
Keith Wayne chambers
June 11, 2024.
Great product and value highly recommend it
May 18, 2024.
Easy to install. Works as described. Good value
April 24, 2024.
Would be nice if they were a little thicker but overall ok
April 21, 2024.
I had tried everything to glue my parking blocks to an epoxied garage floor. The material of the mats is polypropylene and this is the only thing that locked this down. Excellent product!
George F. Van III
April 17, 2024.
High quality, easy to install. I’d buy it again.
Rodney Jansen
April 1, 2024.
Does a good job keeping water out
Regina Kuhns
March 31, 2024.
Great ❤️
Keith Wayne chambers
March 11, 2024.
Great product and value highly recommend it
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